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About Sid

As a boy growing up in Newfoundland, the different types of flowers that my mother grew around the house always captured my attention. Their form and colour especially appealed to me. Of all those flowers, there was one kind that held a special attraction for me. It was the dahlia.

In later years, when I had my own home in Burgeo, I attempted to grow some different types of flowers myself, without much success, mainly because of the cool, foggy July month, but one flower that did thrive as much as my potatoes was the dahlia. Around mid-August and September, when we received a lot of sunny weather because of a change in the wind direction, the dahlias put forth those wonderful blooms.

When I came to Halifax years later, I was impressed with those giant blooms that were displayed at dahlia exhibitions. I started growing some different varieties myself and have had much success in doing so. It has brought me a great deal of gardening pleasure.

I hope you will experience as much enjoyment from growing those beautiful dahlias as I do.